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My first marbled bobbins were made for my own amusement some years ago after seeing a painting kit for sale on a TV shopping channel. Then in June 2004 I was invited to attend a lace day at Mid Downs Lacemakers and I haven't looked back! Each bobbin has a unique design and due to the random nature of the painting technique each bobbin is a "one off" design, so while different colour combinations are available the exact patterns on the bobbins are not repeatable.

You can have bobbins painted in your own choice of colours, or see the online shop to choose from a wide range of colour combinations in both Honiton, Midlands and Travel styles.

All bobbins have a high gloss finish and the Midlands bobbins are spangled for you in complimentary colours using glass and metal effect beads.

Brugge bobbins available on request.

Payment - you can pay for items using Paypal or a credit or debit card. If you need to pay by cheque or postal order please contact me before placing your order.

Please contact me if you would like me to attend your lace day or lace fair (see "About" page for contact details).

More items will be added to the website so please add me to your favourites!